Our Work 

We're all about collaborating with people as they care for the environment. We support individuals, community groups and schools in developing on-the-ground projects that promote healthier watersheds. This can look different for  everyone and dependent upon who we are supporting. Here are a few examples of the work we have supported and led.

Eagle Scout Texas St. Wetland Fence Project

In fall of 2023, WWRC partnered with an Eagle Scout troop and the Bureau of Environmental Services to build a split-rail fence around  a portion of the Texas St. Wetlands. Together we helped install 182 feet of fencing. Not only was it a great community effort, this fence will help protect the wetland area that cleans and filters stormwater runoff before it flows into Stephens Creek.

Metro Montessori Pollinator Garden Planting

In fall of 2023, WWRC and Stormwater Stars partnered with Metro Montessori to replant two of their garden beds, converting them into pollinator habitat using all native plants, as well as installing and planting two large containers with Willamette Valley natives.  The 10 middle school students learned how to plan and design a garden space, amend soil, and plant plants. In total, over 80 native plants were planted. (October, 2023)

Educational Field Trips/Activities

WWRC has hosted a number of field trips and educational activities for a number of school and community groups over the years. Some of the schools and organizations we have worked with include: Portland Jewish Academy, St Clare School, Ida B Wells High School, Jackson Middle School, Neighborhood House, Friends of Fanno Creek Headwaters, Tryon Creek Watershed Council, and BES.

SW 40th and Multnomah Rain Garden Painting

In June of 2003, WWRC hosted a rain garden painting event as part of Multnomah Neighborhood Association's Street Art Project event series. The event helped raise awareness about watershed health, mitigate graffiti, and build community. It was an impressive community led effort with 14 amazing volunteers/artists! This specific site is one of four large rain gardens that are part of the SW Capitol Highway Project that helps manage rainwater and is an important part of a healthy watershed.

Multnomah Arts Center Cottage Planting

In 2019, Parks decided to depave a large section of the Multnomah Arts Center grounds. Parks partnered with WWRC to create a planting plan for the depaved area. WWRC provided plants for the space and recruited volunteers to assist with the planting. Since 2019, over 500 native plants have been installed in the space, and what was once a sea of asphalt has been transformed into a habitat for birds, insects and other animals.

SW 25th Ave Community Trail

Andrea Wall of Friends of Fanno Creek Headwaters began the SW 25th Ave Community Trail project in 2017 in an effort to better manage stormwater and restore habitat along its quarter mile stretch.

WWRC became involved with the project in 2018 and has provided support in a variety of ways since. WWRC assisted Andrea with preparation and review of grant applications, provided ongoing technical assistance through site visits, facilitated connection to City staff and bureaus with permit requirements for ongoing trail work, shared information and volunteer events on the trail with other community groups, and collaborated with Andrea to host educational and restoration activities along the trail. 

Eena (Beaver) Festival

Indigenous community member Laura Campos created the Eena Festival in 2020 as a way to raise awareness about non-human led restoration, share education about Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and create a safe, welcoming way to increase access to nature for BIPOC communities. WWRC has had the privilege to work with Laura to help support the festival, as well as work with Laura to assist in organizing outdoor educational activities for BIPOC students.

Sparrowhawk Native Plant Sale

WWRC has partnered with Sparrowhawk Native Plants, Neighborhood House, and St Luke Lutheran Church to support a native plant sale in the fall of 2020, 2021 and 2023. The sale offered access to affordable native plants to residents living in SW, with 5% of the proceeds going to support  Neighborhood House. WWRC helped Sparrowhawk identify a community partner (Neighborhood House) and find a suitable sale site (St Luke Lutheran Church), as well as being responsible for  outreach and recruiting volunteers.

SW 50th Dr Right-of-way

Between 2019 and 2022, WWRC worked with WMSWCD and neighbors to develop a restoration plan for the stormwater ditch in the right-of -way on SW 50th Dr. The goals of the project were to remove the culvert, reduce and filter stormwater runoff, control invasive weeds, add native plantings to the area to create wildlife habitat, and engage the community in care for the space. The project was completed in December of 2022 with the help of funding from the BES Percent for Green grant program.

Colibri Chiropractic Clinic

In 2018, WWRC partnered with Colibri Chiropractic Clinic to enhance the shared space in front of their clinic with a native plant landscape. The project engaged other businesses at the project site (8959 SW Barbur Blvd), as well as friends, family, and neighbors of the owners. The space is currently owned and used by Neighborhood House.