Below is a list of printable publications with information on native and invasive plants. For more browser-friendly information, please also see the Restoration Resources page on this website. Bookmark this page for the most current information, as these documents may be updated periodically.

Willamette Valley Native Plants Poster (English)

Naturescape for clean rivers! Native plants are adapted to the climate and are naturally resistant to native pests and diseases. They require less water and need no chemical applications for them to thrive. Using native plants can reduce the amount of pollution in stormwater runoff to our waterways.

Plantas nativas del valle Willamette (Spanish)

¡Paisajismo natural para ríos limpios y hábitats de vida silvestre! Las plantas nativas se adaptan al clima y son naturalmente resistentes a las plagas y enfermedades nativas. Requieren menos agua y no necesitan aplicaciones químicas para que prosperen. El uso de plantas nativas puede reducir la cantidad de contaminación en la escorrentía de aguas pluviales a nuestras vías fluviales.

City of Portland Invasive Plants Poster (English)

Invasive plants reproduce rapidly and can spread quickly from yards and roadsides into parks and natural areas. Once there, they can inhibit the establishment of native plants. The city is working to control invasive plants and Portland residents can help by identifying and managing them in their own yards.

Ayude a detener a las plantas invasoras (Spanish)

Las plantas invasoras se reproducen rápidamente y pueden propagarse en poco tiempo desde los patios y orillas de las carreteras hasta los parques y áreas naturales. Una vez que se han establecido, pueden impedir el crecimiento de plantas nativas. El gobierno de la ciudad está trabajando para controlar la propagación de plantas invasoras, y los residentes de Portland pueden ayudar identificándolas y evitando que crezcan en sus propios patios. 

Metro Native Plants for Willamette Valley Yards Booklet

The native plants for Willamette Valley yards booklet includes 140 plants primarily native to the Portland metropolitan area. The guide offers detailed information on sun and moisture requirements, wildlife benefits and native range within northwestern Oregon and southwestern Washington. It also provides resources for design help, plant sources, invasive plant information and botanical references.

GardenSmart Oregon: A Guide to Non-Invasive Plants

This booklet offers gardeners and landscape designers many choices of plants that work for gardens while protecting the health and beauty of Oregon’s natural lands and waters. We highlight plants that should be avoided because they are invasive, and offer non-invasive alternatives (both native and nonnative ornamentals) that you can plant safely. Use this booklet as a guide to help you make the most informed choices for your garden, water garden, or landscape, and enjoy your garden!

Portland Plant List

The Portland Plant List provides a user-friendly guide to plant species found in Portland and the metropolitan region. The Portland Plant List is comprised of two lists and supporting information: the Native Plants List and the Nuisance Plants List. Both plant lists are integral to the City of Portland’s natural resource protection programs and invasive species management strategy.